The AGSD-UK 2015 conference was a great success:

I can't thank you and the AGSD-UK team enough for the superb organisation of the conference this year! The workshops and range of speakers was fantastic. It was so good to meet the key physicians who are helping with the condition. Another incredible outcome of the conference was that our daughter made two friends the same age as her whom we intend to meet with and to keep in contact with. As the condition is rare it is invaluable that she has friends to share her struggles with. It is also great that my husband and I now have friends who are GSD parents too! What a fantastic thing you do - thank you so much, from all of us!
– Victoria



The Board of Trustees of AGSD-UK can operate through board meetings and written resolutions, the records of which are available here.

These are PDF files and will either open in a new window or download depending on how your browser is configured. Minutes should not be taken as fully correct until after the the following meeting when any corrections will be been noted and they will be approved. If you have any questions please contact the Administrator using the Contact us form.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees normally meets 4 times per year close to the first Saturday of February, last Saturday of April and first Saturdays of September and November.


06 June 2015 - Board Meeting U
07 March 2015 - Board Meeting T

31 May 2014 - Board Meeting S
22 February 2014 - Board Meeting R

27 April 2013 - Board Meeting O
2 February 2013 - Board Meeting N

3 November 2012 - Board Meeting M
30 September 2012 - Board Meeting L
28 April 2012 - Board Meeting K
4 February 2012 - Board Meeting J

23 October 2011 - Board Meeting I
3 September 2011 - Board Meeting H
21 May 2011 - Board Meeting G
5 February 2011 - Board Meeting F

4 September 2010 - Board Meeting E
24 April 2010 - Board Meeting D
6 February 2010 - Board Meeting C

14 November 2009 - Board Meeting B
9 October 2009 - Board Meeting A
21 August 2009 - written resolution
9 August 2009 - Inaugural Board Meeting

Previous to August 2009 the charity was unincorporated and the minutes were not made publicly available.