Annual Conference

  Wyboston Lakes


  Sat 10 and Sun 11 October

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Board of Trustees

The AGSD-UK is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting held each year as part of the Annual Conference. The current members of the board are listed below. Trustees are unpaid volunteers and are debarred by charity law from any financial gain from their involvement with the charity. If you would like to volunteer to help the charity in any capacity or would like to consider becoming a Trustee, please get in touch with the Chairman via the Contact us page.

For background information about our Trustees and officers please see our profiles page.

Michael Porter - Chairman

Shaun Griffin - Trustee

Stuart Alderson - Trustee

Jayesh Pindolia - Trustee

Wendy Bascal - Trustee


The following paid staff are based at the AGSD-UK office (hours Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm). Address & telephone.

Allan Muir - Development Director


Other AGSD-UK paid staff

Joan Fletcher, FCO/CNS - Family Support Officer
(Joan is employed by the NHS under a grant from Genzyme Therapeutics Ltd to support Pompe families.)

GSD Type Co-ordinators

Please see the list of volunteer co-ordinators here.