15th April 2015

International Pompe Day


Pompe Update

Healthcare at Home

Deliveries Statement


GSD Giant 2015 

Annual cyclo-sportive.

6th September 2015

The Petersfield School

100, 64, 32 mile options


GSD Giant website


Past conferences

Past conferences are listed here. We try to provide a conference report and the presentation made by the main speaker. These presentations are the responsibility of and copyright of their respective authors. To download these reports click on the relevant link. These are PDF files and open in a new browser window.

For reports of the Type Workshops held at the conferences, please see the Workshops section.

General speaker
Speaker report
2008 - Novotel, Reading Download No general speaker -
2007 - Novotel, Reading Download No general speaker -
2006 - Novotel, Bradford Download Tim Emmott, Medic Alert Download
2005 - Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes Download Ruth Geall and Helen Fowler, Muscular Dystropy Campaign Not Available
2004 - Novotel, Birmingham Download Dr. Chris Hendriksz, Past, present and future of each GSD type Not Available
2003 - Novotel, Bradford Download Dr. John Walter, Manchester Hospital, The state of care for GSD sufferers in the north of England Not Available
2002 - Gateway Hotel, Nottingham Not Available No general speaker -
2001 - Campanile Hotel Birmingham Not Available Alistair Kent, Genetic Interest Group (GIG), Consequences of the Human Genome Project (HGP) on the Development of Treatments for Rare Disorders Download
2000 - Belfry Hotel, Oxford Download Dr. Jane Collins, Screening for Rare Disorders Not Available
1999 - Copthorne Hotel,
Not Available Paul Peyton, Chair of Disability, Advice & Welfare Network, St. Helens
Nicola Phillips, Manager for Children with Special Needs, London
Not Available