Coming up:

 IGSD Conference,
The Netherlands,
15-17 June 2017.


 Walking with McArdle's course,
 North Wales,
 2-9 August 2017.


 AGSD-UK Annual Conference,
28-29 October 2017. - sponsored events made easy!

This is a great way to collect sponsorship to help the AGSD (UK). It has already been used very successfully by our London Marathon runners. So if you are thinking of a sponsored run, a parachute jump, a mountain climb, or perhaps a head shave (!) - this is the site for you.

As a registered charity AGSD (UK) is signed up with the Just Giving organisation. It operates a web site which makes it easy for people to collect sponsorship of their activities in aid of a charity of their choice.

  • It is FREE for you to use.
  • Enables you to easily set up a web page to promote your event.
  • Your friends and colleagues (and anyone on the web!) can easily sponsor you.
  • They can securely pay on-line by credit card.
  • And leave their goodwill message on your web page.
  • Everyone can see how your sponsorship is getting on.

Just Giving collects back the tax on all donations where Gift Aid is applicable, increasing contributions by 25%. The total monies are transferred straight to AGSD's bank account. There is a small commission payable by AGSD (UK), but this is a very efficient and effective way of handling the whole process. We would encourage you to use it.

Please visit the page for AGSD (UK) on the site:

Or visit Just Giving's home page: