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Pompey to Pompeii Cycle Challenge

Starting 10th September 2011


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Cycle ride from Portsmouth to Pompeii!

The next exciting bike challenge for the AGSD-UK will be a 1,500 mile pedal from Portsmouth (Pompey) to Pompeii, it will follow parts of the Eurovelo 5 pilgrim’s route from Canterbury to Rome for some of the journey. This event was the brainchild of Luca Venditto who’s daughter has GSD type III. Luca lives in Hastings and has family in Italy, close to Pompeii, so this was originally planned as a home-to-home trip for him and his mates. However, many other cyclists have shown interest and it has now been opened up to all interested parties.

There are currently over 20 riders signed up for between one day and three weeks of the ride that is scheduled for 10th September 2011.

The event will be fully organised by the charity – no tour company costs – and Luca has already gained sponsorship for transport, hotel rooms, food and drink. So all sponsorship raised from riders should go directly to the AGSD-UK; our target currently stands at £60,000.

The suggested sponsorship for each cyclist is £1000 per week.

Riders will be grouped - 4 or 5 per team to allow faster cyclists to steam ahead without waiting for the slower riders. We will have a medic with us and support vehicles.


 We would like to make a documentary film based on the event and so we hope to have our own cameraman with us as part of the support team.

We will be limiting the total number of riders to about 25 so please show your interest soon to avoid disappointment.

Please contact Allan Muir, email