The AGSD-UK 2015 conference was a great success:

I can't thank you and the AGSD-UK team enough for the superb organisation of the conference this year! The workshops and range of speakers was fantastic. It was so good to meet the key physicians who are helping with the condition. Another incredible outcome of the conference was that our daughter made two friends the same age as her whom we intend to meet with and to keep in contact with. As the condition is rare it is invaluable that she has friends to share her struggles with. It is also great that my husband and I now have friends who are GSD parents too! What a fantastic thing you do - thank you so much, from all of us!
– Victoria


Send us your used stamps!

Everyone can help! And it's easy to do. Just save the used stamps from the post you receive, send them to us and you will help raise much needed funds.

What do I do?

  • Save the stamps from your incoming post.
  • Tear or cut off the corner of the envelope. Keep fairly close to the stamp, but don't damage it - incomplete stamps have no value.
  • Ask relatives, friends and your workplace to collect as well to greatly increase the volume you can send.

Which stamps are of value?

The best stamps are those which are un-franked, followed by those which are lightly franked. These are readily saleable, and there is a steady demand. Overseas stamps and decorative issues are good. But all undamaged stamps have a value.

What happens to the stamps?

  • The stamps are usually sold on eBay or to dealers anywhere around the world.
  • All income from sales goes to AGSD-UK.

Where do I send them?

Drop the stamps into a box or stout envelope and once it’s full... post off to AGSD-UK office by second class post, or for large quantities contact us to arrange a hand over at an AGSD-UK event such as the conference.

Thanks very much for your help.