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101 Tips for a Good Life with McArdle Disease

Also available here - “The McArdle Disease Handbook”

“A great introduction to living with this condition. I wish I had this book 50 years ago.”
–Nancy McVey, USA

“I love this book!”
–Kerry Walsh, UK

“Given how difficult it is to get good information on the condition from medical experts, or get medical experts to listen to what we need when we run into trouble, this book is invaluable!”
–Jenny Coyne, Australia

“Very important concepts (simply explained) that often get lost or never communicated with the diagnosis.”
–Terri Chambers, USA


Example page.

Practical tips and straightforward information to help newly diagnosed people and those struggling to manage their condition, or just looking for a few extra tips. Also useful to help explain McArdle's to friends and family.

Edition 1.1 December 2015 (very minor update from edition 1).
First published March 2013, ISBN 978-0-9569658-4-4
164 pages, 105mm (4 inches) square, paperback, AGSD-UK.

Written by Andrew Wakelin
With a foreword by Dr Ros Quinlivan


Living with McArdle Disease is challenging in many ways. Running out of energy, cramping and muscle pain are everyday experiences. Even simple tasks like chewing or drying after a shower can be a challenge.

We pass on practical tips which McArdle people have found to be useful. With contributions from McArdle people around the world. The “More than” flash gives the clue – there are actually 125 numbered tips and many are multiple tips in one, so there are around 200 useful ideas in all. We also provide explanations of four key subjects – second wind, the six second rule, your ATP ‘reservoir’ and guidance on emergencies.

This book will help McArdle people to reduce intense ‘anaerobic’ activity and extend more gentle ‘aerobic’ activity. These changes can improve day-to-day life. We also provide references to sources of further information. The aim is to avoid pain and muscle cramps, reduce or eliminate hospital visits and get more out of life.

This handy, pocket-sized book has sections of tips on:

  • Daily living
  • House and garden
  • Physical activity
  • Exercise: good, bad and ugly
  • Walking with McArdle’s
  • Personal care
  • Friends, family and others
  • Eating and diet
  • Driving, travel and transport
  • Medical
  • School, college and work
  • Feeling good


Information sections on:

  • About McArdle’s
  • Six second rule
  • Second wind
  • Your ATP ‘reservoir’
  • Reasons to exercise
  • Guidance on emergencies
  • Exercise in school?
  • The McArdle Mantra
  • McArdle’s Glossary
  • References
  • Further information
  • YouTube Channel


Now comes complete with two McArdle's Information Cards. (See here.)

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Printed copies to order

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