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McArdle Disease - videos of walking tips

Some videos giving various tips on walking with McArdle Disease.

These were made mainly on the 'Walk over Wales' in 2010, when we didn't have time to practice or re-shoot so they are a bit rough edged, but do the job. Many thanks to Jamie Muir and Dan Chambers who filmed and all the McArdle participants. Hopefully there will be many more to follow in due course.

Please allow time for this page to load - these are links to Youtube. Click the 'More info' link in the top right corner of each video for some text explanation.

Photographed by Jamie Muir -

Getting into "second wind" - Andrew and Andy discuss

Zig-zag technique - Dan explains how to reduce the effective incline

Steep ground - Stacey and Andy discuss ways to tackle it

Stepping up - Andrew avoids lifting his weight too far in one step

Hiking poles - Andrew demonstrates the use and benefits

76 year old father and 10 year old son find it easy while Andy struggles on



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