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Walking with McArdle's 2013 - blog

Siobhan Murray writes about her experiences on the walking course, 13-20 July 2013, in Capel Curig, North Wales.

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You must be logged in and have permission to create or edit a blog.
Stacey: And the hiking continues...
Andrew: Route map updated
Andy: Keep on walking
Andrew: More videos uploaded
Andrew: Very encouraged by CK result
Andrew: Feeling pretty good
Re: Andy: Keep on walking
Honestly, I love reading your post because the way you express the experiences is beautiful. Any reader would love to read your experiences and writings. Thank you!!
Re: Dan
Oh yeah, well said - keep taking the medicine!! Just what the doctor ordered! x
Re: Dan
Well done Dan - like I said it's in your blood now! I just feel sorry for your poor Mum - has he come back a bit of a brute Terri?! Be gentle with her won't you!
You'll be pleased to know, I'm on my stepper briefly each day and have just started on some good local walks. Feel my legs loosening up already! A new woman! Clinic suggested I do a bit more, calf muscles a little chunky! So there you go, got me at it now!
Re: Dan
Having accompanied Dan on a few walks, I can attest to his seeking out hills to conquer! (I actually told him he should become a personal trainer the way he keeps "encouraging" me along the way ha ha!) I'm not near as enthusiastic as he but I willl admit it does feel good after you're done! Jo, not a bad idea..."Walking the World with McArdles". I like it! Sounds like an adventure:) Andrew, also like Walking with McArdles - California.. You all would still have Singapore, Canada and The Canary Islands to explore...actaully the possibilities are endless:)
Re: Dan
Hey Dan, I check every once in a while to see what you all have to say (even though I don't always comment). Like the attitude. Walking isn’t a burden. On the contrary, it can be most pleasant -- a time to just enjoy the sights and let the mind wander. Also, maybe one COULD make a career out of walking. What better way to spend your time than walking and writing commentary on what you see and do. Maybe you could pitch a new show for either the Travel Channel or the Discovery Health Channel -- "McArdles and Me (Walking the World with McArdles”). What do you think? Kind of killing two birds with one stone (so to speak) -- walking AND making a living! Note to all McArdleites -- Keep trekking!
Re: Dan
Well said Dan. I wonder how many people with other conditions envy us - being prescribed exercise rather than medications. The walks sound great. Can't wait for "Walking with McArdles - California". How about 2012?
Re: Dan
Dan - great to hear - keep it up !! - No hills here but the treadmill is seeing a good deal of action...........
Re: Stacey: And the hiking continues...
Hate to put Andrew under any pressure - make him feel unduly obliged to reciprocate, with a massive bear hug! I'll tread very gently......I've only met him the once, can't be too forward!! Ha!
Re: Stacey: And the hiking continues...
Sheep farm...I don't BELIEVE it! ha ha Interesting how the flat paths seem boring now... who'd have thought? Bet Lily is happy to have her walking partner back:) Great to hear you are doing well and continuing with the hikes off the beaten path. Keep it up, Stace!
Re: Stacey: And the hiking continues...
Thanks Cheryl! And while you're at it - make sure Andrew gives you a hug from me!!