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Walking with McArdle's 2013 - blog

Siobhan Murray writes about her experiences on the walking course, 13-20 July 2013, in Capel Curig, North Wales.

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You must be logged in and have permission to create or edit a blog.
Signing off now
Welcome Charlton [Day 30]
More rest day walking [Day 29]
The Day Before Pen Y Fan [Day 26]
Exceeding expectations [Day 24]
Re: Signing off now
Ha! Watch this space. You just never know!!
Re: Our journey begins................... [Day 32]
Yes, I heard about Dan's Alt Y Clich adventure!
Re: Signing off now
Going to be following you next year on the blog and picture gallery...right Cheryl? :)
Re: Signing off now
Forgot to say. Well done again Lorraine for what you achieved too, over there, and your great contribution to awareness raising for McArdles!
Re: Signing off now
That is one of the loveliest photos I have ever seen. You can feel the bond between you, and Dan, the joy just radiates from your face! Contagious! I've a big grin on mine as I'm writing this!

You will all carry this experience with you for ever. I too look forward to hearing how you're getting on in the next few weeks, and see what else I can learn from you all!

Enjoy this quiet precious time , back with your families and friends, and thanks again for all those memories. See you soon at the clinic Andrew, and you can entertain me , reminiscing, while I'm waiting to be seen!

PS Thanks too to all the other bloggers over this last month for their sharing too. Especially to Terri. Enjoyed the banter and the camaraderie, from the other side of the fence, so to speak!
Re: Signing off now
So nice to have Dan home and sharing great stories... I find myself using WoW(!) a lot and "I don't BELIEVE it"! It was great to follow you all as you conquered Wales! It will also be great to hear how you are all getting on and facing everyday challenges as well as how you manage staying fit. Hope you all are enjoying being back with family and friends and look forward to following WoW part 2! Thanks for making this summer fun and memorable:)
Re: Signing off now
Great shot! I love this photo -- it kind of says it all. To accomplish what you (and the other walkers around the world) did during this month of July, 2010 is something that should bring hope to many McArdle patients.
Re: Our journey begins................... [Day 32]
Well you should know that Dan may well be the McArdle's World Record Holder for the ascent of Alt Y Clich. Make sure he does not push himself too far but great to hear he is out climbing mountains in SD already.
Re: Signing off now
Hi Team, Looking at your final photo, you have achieved something most Type 5's would not have thought possible but here you are at the end of a amazing journey. The friendship you have developed will never be broken. We are all grateful to you.
Re: Our journey begins...................
Thanks, Glyn:) Dan had many kind comments about all the Williams clan! He was pretty impressed with your hiking skills, too! He thoroughly enjoyed the trip. He already dragged his younger brother and I up a local "mountain" (can it be called that after Wales?) this morning...he beat us to the top. His brother whispered, "I don't think he really has a muscle disorder...I think he has been lying to us all these years! ha ha Glad you had a chance to go along for a bit and thanks again for your nice comments about Dan!