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No pain, no gain - wrong!

The popular exercise-related slogan - "No pain, no gain" is completely wrong for people with McArdle disease.

In McArdle disease the predominant muscle pain experienced on exercise is related to the breakdown of muscle. This comes about when your body finds that it can’t access the glycogen stored in your muscles and looks for alternative fuel sources. It breaks down the muscle itself to obtain protein. The resultant pain is a signal to ease-off or stop and rest.

Your objective should be to avoid pain during exercise. You should adjust your exertion level up and down to avoid pain, then after about 8-10 minutes you should get into 'second wind'. Please read our section on second wind.

Of course, just like anyone else, if you do a lengthy exercise session then afterwards you are likely to have some aching muscles.


  • Ignore the slogan "no pain, no gain".
  • When pain comes on, slow down or stop and rest before it escalates.
  • Aim to get into 'second wind' when aerobic exercise is easier.