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2nd July to 2nd August 2010.

We are uploading photos of the walk on most evenings or as soon as WiFi is available.

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This is a really easy way to do it. Your support will greatly encourage them to add on the miles. We are aiming for £25,000. [Sponsorship total]

Click on a name to go to a walker's sponsorship page. Or click here to sponsor the event as a whole.

Our Walkers over Wales

Stacey Reason, (plus Jorge the last week) from Toronto, Canada

Andy Williams, from Singapore


Charlton Thear, from the Canary Islands


Dan Chambers, from San Diego, California


Andrew Wakelin, from Wales


Walkers elsewhere with sponsorship pages

Dianne Berryman, Australia


Lorraine-Baguley, Australia



Other walkers elsewhere

Margaret Carter, Kidderminster, UK
Summer Hamilton Brown, USA
Tanya Rafford-Raper, Australia
Bonnie Wynne, New South Wales, Australia