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 AGSD-UK Conference,
 Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre,  Bedfordshire. 
 20-21 October 2018


 GSD Camp (click here)

 Whitemoor Lakes

 Lichfield, Staffs.

 28-30 September 2018



Maps of people affected by McArdle's

These interactive maps are generated from the AGSD-UK’s database. Click on one of the locations below to view that map in a new window.

United Kingdom
USA and Canada
New Zealand

Click on a pin to reveal the name and contact details, only shown if the person wants those to be included. Please see the note below each map for instructions on how to request additions or changes.

Note: There is not pin on the map for everyone because: 1) Some have not requested to be included. 2) some are in families and are located at the same address; and 3) in some cases we do not have a postal address, just the region, and these pins will all appear on top of each other in the centre of their region. Although there appear to be clusters of cases, in fact these usually simply mirror the concentrations of the general population.

If you would like your name and contact details to be passed on to others in your area please click here to email the Type V Coodinator.