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One Step at a Time – Walking with McArdle Disease

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“It is great because of describing the emotions and what happens to somebody when learning so much about the disease and their own body and soul. Every McArdle person should read it. Everybody has to learn there is no shame in accepting a limit. And it can be pushed a bit.”
–Norbert Eckelmann, Germany

“Invaluable! Stacey’s book will inform, inspire and encourage future McArdle generations.”
–David Thompson, UK

"Inspired by the daily blog of ‘Walk over Wales’, at age 64 I travelled across the world for the learning, support and friendships of a walking course. I achieved more than I ever thought I could. Now others can similarly gain from this inspirational and informative book.”
–Lorraine Baguley, Australia

“My walking course in Wales provided an opportunity to increase my knowledge, challenge myself, and experience first-hand the bond people with McArdle Disease share. ‘One Step at a Time’ provides similar insights for patients, friends, and family.”
–Rachel Walker, USA

“I learned to accept what is and embrace what can be...
in just 210 miles!”

With each step your heart beats faster, your legs grow heavier and realisation sets in – you have to stop! For those of you with McArdle Disease, and for those that have walked alongside it, this ritual is all too familiar.

‘One Step at a Time’ traces the route, thoughts and emotions of a McArdle patient on a life-altering journey of discovery and growth. Her understanding irrevocably evolves when she walks over two hundred miles to meet it.

Today, walking with others has become a regular event. McArdle groups are getting together around the world to walk, share and learn from one another in a supportive and safe environment.

From the Welsh countryside to practical advice for day-to-day living, ‘One Step at a Time’ provides a truly awakening narrative for patients, families and health professionals alike.

First published November 2013, ISBN 978-0-9569658-3-7
128 pages, 234x156mm (9x6 inches) over 250 colour photos, paperback, AGSD-UK.

By Stacey L. Reason
Foreword by Dr. Ros Quinlivan
Afterword by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky
Guidance for walking section by Andrew Wakelin

This book has sections on:

  • The ‘Walk over Wales’ route
  • The walkers
  • Journal and blog for the 32 days of the walk
  • Some of the press coverage
  • Epilogue to the walk
  • Moving forward - walking courses
  • What's next?


The ‘Guidance for Walking’ 30 page section contains:

  • Gain without pain
  • Starting an exercise programme
  • Adjusting activity – ATP ‘reservoir’
  • Second wind – an essential tool
  • Six second rule
  • Walking hints and tips
  • Guidance for walking partners
  • The McArdle Mantra
  • McArdle's emergencies
  • McArdle’s glossary

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