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Newly diagnosed with McArdle’s?

This is the place to start. In the UK we try to ensure that everyone receives a copy of this ‘new patient’ leaflet at the time that they are given their diagnosis. But if you didn't recieve one, or you are outside of the UK, you can click the image to download a PDF.

Contact our McArdle's Coordinator for an initial chat about your diagnosis, the condition and what it all means in practical terms. We can then keep you up-to-date with developments. For details see the McArdle's front page.

There is much to take in and you probably have many questions. Use the links to help you navigate through some of our content here on our web site. The future will soon become a lot more certain.

Newly diagnosed leaflet

Cick on the headings below to read more about each topic.



More about McArdle’s
A introduction to the condition, by Dr Ros Quinlivan.








The UK McArdle Clinic
What happens at the clinic, getting referred to the service and contact details.


Exercise and McArdle’s
Information on “second wind”, the six second rule, starting an exercise programme and much more.

Adapting activity to protect yourself
Protect yourself by avoiding emptying the ATP reservoir.


Support for McArdle people
On-line support groups, McArdle's Coordinator, events and conferences.



The McArdle Disease Handbook
All the medical and scientific research on McArdle's in plain English.

McArdle's Information Cards
Pocket size cards to exoplain the condition and remind you when to seek medical assistance.









Last reviewed: 4 October 2013.