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The McArdle Disease Handbook Errata

We will keep you informed here of any significant errors in the Handbook which are brought to our attention. The items listed can be corrections or clarifications.

Applicable versions Chapter Section Erratum type Erratum Correction
1 and 1.1 Chapter 12 12.1.3 Correction 'Ezetimibe' combined with a statin is known as a simvastatin, and marketed as 'Zocor' or “'Inergy' (BNF, 2009). Simvastatin is a kind of statin. 'Ezetimibe' combined with simvastatin ('Zocor') is marketed as “Inegy' (BNF, 2009) or 'Vytorin'.
1 and 1.1 Chapter 18 Glossary entry for Proteinuria Clarification None Proteinuria is used to describe an excess of protein in the urine. When mentioned in relation to McArdle disease, proteinuria is generally used to describe myoglobin in the urine, and is therefore used to mean the same as myoglobinuria. In other circumstances (for example in people unaffected by McArdle’s), proteinuria can also be used to describe the presence of other proteins.

Thanks to the following people for telling us about these issues: Ian MacDougall.

If you spot a factual error or other important issue requiring correction or clarification, please contact us using the following link to the Contact us page and a send message to the Author.