The AGSD-UK 2015 conference was a great success:

I can't thank you and the AGSD-UK team enough for the superb organisation of the conference this year! The workshops and range of speakers was fantastic. It was so good to meet the key physicians who are helping with the condition. Another incredible outcome of the conference was that our daughter made two friends the same age as her whom we intend to meet with and to keep in contact with. As the condition is rare it is invaluable that she has friends to share her struggles with. It is also great that my husband and I now have friends who are GSD parents too! What a fantastic thing you do - thank you so much, from all of us!
– Victoria


New on the site

To help regular visitors to this site know what is new since their last visit, this is a list of recent changes to parts of this AGSD-UK site.


12/08/2011 - Feedback on "Walking with McArdle's" courses.
01/08/2011 - The McArde Disease Handbook published.
05/07/2011 - McArdle Disease Information cards available.
01/06/2011 - McArdle Disease - new page on adapting activity to protect yourself.
08/02/2011 - Type IX - a family experience added.
26/01/2011 - Contact us - Address and phone numbers updated for Droxford office.
14/01/2011 - McArdle Disease - guidance regarding emergencies.
24/12/2010 - Report and accounts to 31 March 2010.
20/12/2010 - New page about helping supporters with fund raising efforts.
18/12/2010 - New version of the Cochrane Review into McArdle Disease.
30/09/2010 - Fund raising events for 2011.
30/09/2010 - McArdle Disease - starting an exercise programme.
21/09/2010 - 2010 Annual Conference details.
20/08/2010 - Walking with McArdle's - more advanced tips and tricks.
01/06/2010 - Walk over Wales for McArdle Disease - info, blog and photos.
17/01/2010 - Section added on the McArdle Handbook Project.
16/11/2009 - Minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings are now published under the About AGSD-UK menu.
05/08/2009 - Proposals by the Executive Committee for a new legal format for the association.
21/07/2009 - Basic search facility provided.
19/07/2009 - Menus restructured and site map added.
06/07/2009 - Type V - Second wind section added.
03/07/2009 - Information on 2009 Conference, Leicester.
06/06/2009 - Expanded information on Type VII.
02/06/2009 - Mark Upham's marathon added to Past Fund Raising.
01/06/2009 - Past conference reports added.
21/05/2009 - Section added for GSD Type 0 and information on Type IV expanded.
20/05/2009 - Annual Report and accounts for 2008 now available.
19/05/2009 - Summer 2008 and Spring 2009 newsletters added.
18/05/2009 - Date of 2009 conference.
26/04/2009 - At a Glance - Mark Upham's finish in the London Marathon.