Coming up:

 IGSD Conference,
The Netherlands,
15-17 June 2017.


 Walking with McArdle's course,
 North Wales,
 2-9 August 2017.


 AGSD-UK Annual Conference,
28-29 October 2017.


About workshops

The AGSD-UK holds workshops on different GSD types, usually during its Annual Conference. Workshops are normally chaired by the Type Representative and trhe speakers are invited medical professionals. As well as being informative, they are also a good opportunity for people with each type to get together and dissuss topics of shared interest.

From here you can access reports and presentations from Workshops dating back to 1995. Workshop report entries are organised by GSD type and show the year and speaker/s. Note that some workshops cover a number of GSD types. To read a report click on its link, it will either download to disk or open in a new window depending on the configuration of your browser.