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McArdle links

The following links may be of interest to those learning about McArdle disease.
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Medical resources

Nature: Clinical Practice Neurology - McArdle Disease, what do neurologist need to know?

PatientPlus - an article on McArdle disease aimed at GPs

From Sweden - one of the clearest all-round explanations of McArdle disease

A clear but technical overview of McArdle disease from Dr Ronald G Haller, Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas

A rather technical article on the GSD and Type V

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - in depth genetic and medical information


Report of McArdle Workshop of the European Neuromuscular Centre, October 2006


Muscular Dystrophy UK - excellent factsheet on McArdle disease

Patients' pages

An occasional blog from Andy Williams, a British McArdle patient living in Singapore

A comprehensive site from Luke Nathaniel

Personal reflections on McArdle's disease by Bill Corr


Who Named It? - information on Brian McArdle and the condition named after him

Wikipedia - entry on McArdle Disease (GSD Type V)