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Walking with McArdle's - Testimonials from participants

Comments made by the participants in the "Walking with McArdle's" weeks, Snowdonia National Park, July and August 2011.



I’d just like to thank you all for such a fantastic week. It was great to be able to spend a week with a bunch of people who walk so slowly but with such determination.

I’ll try not to make this sound like a speech at the Oscars but I’d like to start by thanking Andrew for organising such good walks and retaining his professionalism amongst all the frivolity. I’d like to thank the others for the frivolity. The nearest I came to a muscle contracture during the whole week was not climbing Cnicht but was laughing during some seriously dodgy moments of humour.

David Thompson (England)


I really had a good time. It was good to meet people with McArdle's. It did me the world of good:-) It made us realise that we can do anything we want to, as long as we do it in our own time. Come on the world!

Colin Dearden (England)



Thank you for another beautiful time in Wales. You did a wonderful job organising such a meaningful event. I hope you realise how very grateful we all are!

I am particularly pleased to have conquered 'Glyder Fach'... your patience, kind heart and goodwill enabled me to push the limits of my boundaries in a safe and exhilarating way.

Stacey Reason (Canada)


I'm home in Ireland again and I have to say I'm missing the short spell of time I spent in Wales with you guys. It was great on all fronts - health wise, fun and meeting new people with McArdle's disease. It's a credit to Andrew to have set up and arranged this event, so thanks. A memorable moment was walking up the mountain Cnicht with fellow McArdle's people and having a group of school children come from behind and race ahead with ease up the mountain, while being with McArdle's people made it seem normal to be going at a slow pace for once!

Special thanks to the fabulous support helpers Sally and Peter for their supreme contribution. Hope to see you all soon at the next McArdle's event.

William O'Neill (Ireland)


Andrew, you've done it again. Another year, another bout of fantastic walking/hill climbing in Wales. I can't thank you enough for providing me again with this opportunity... I really, truly enjoyed every bit... (especially Tryfan).

Rolling up the sleeping bag was the hardest part of the week.

Dan Chambers (USA)

[Leader's note - Tryfan was an optional extra after the end of the course. It is not the sort of place I would take many McArdle people!]


Well done Andrew and all. Thanks Sally for the great cooking. Don't think I lost any weight that week! And thanks everyone for all the laughter. Really enjoyed the week and hope to be back next year too. Great location Andrew and accommodation was fab. And congrats on Tryfan Dan, have you no fear!?

Cheryl Ellis (England)



I have achieved all that I wanted to on this course, in fact more than I ever thought I would. At home I was walking on the flat and for up to 3 miles, this week I did a walk of 6.5 miles and with 1,300 feet of climbing! I am leaving the camp with a new understanding of my body. I can hardly believe the physical activities I have put my body through this week with no injuries other than a few sore muscles that I soon forgot I had. I have enjoyed every minute of the week. I will keep healthy and active because now I know I can.

Lorraine Baguley (Australia)


Thank you everyone for a fantastic week! It was great to meet everyone and I am so glad I came. Having not met anyone with McArdle's before (except Andrew of course!) I was pretty nervous. You all made me feel welcome and instantly comfortable, I made friends for life. Never mind the walks, I think it took my stomach muscles longer to recover from laughing so much (Stacey and Colin - mainly your fault!). Thanks to everyone. I'm sure I will be seeing you all next year!

Jen Forrest (Scotland)


Thanks for another great week in Wales. Splendid walks, food, company and most of all plenty of laughs. Good for the soul. Will look forward to the next event and to seeing you all soon. Hope the next few days will see plenty more memories created.

Thanks to Andrew and Sally particularly for their efforts and to Peter and Clive for a splendid dinner and support work. See you all on Facebook until the next time.

Andy Williams (Singapore)



It has been an honour to lead such a diverse and wonderful group of people (male and female; ages 19 to 64; from all over the world; a huge variety of back stories; many horrendous tales including: misdiagnoses, severe episodes, hospitalisations, unnecessary operations, severe disability). They have shown just what can be done by McArdle people by gaining aerobic fitness, using the right techniques and being aware of their bodies. And goodness, did they have a great time doing it. (So did I!) Thanks to all of them for being "guinea pigs" on these two courses, which I hope will be just the first of many to help McArdle people improve their quality of life.

Andrew Wakelin (Wales)


I am so glad that my amazing big brother asked me to join the team again this year, not to walk of course (that's for McArdleites) but to be support driver and provide sustenance. I loved being part of the whole thing - McArdle's people are lovely, what they lack in glycogen enzymes they certainly make up for in love, humour and determination. I promise that if he asks me again next year, I will wholeheartedly provide some tasty nosh.

Sally Wakelin (England)

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