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Walking with McArdle's - Kit List

Here is a suggested list to prompt your own thoughts about what you want to bring with you. Contact us with any questions.

Walking things

• Lightweight walking boots or shoes. Good grip soles essential. (Some stiffness and ankle support a bonus, especially if planning to join a mountain walk.)
• Hiking socks - at least 2 pairs, preferably 3 - ones which wick away the moisture. I suggest ones with double thickness at toe and heel.
• Walking poles - a pair of 3-section telescopic poles. See the page on walking hints and tips for more info. (We have five pairs to lend - let me know if you need them.)
• Day-sized rucksack.
• Big plastic bag to line your rucksack in case of rain (rain, what is that?).
• Rain cover for rucksack (elasticated cover to go over outside of rucksack), not essential but useful if we get wet weather.
• Water bottle (an ordinary shop-bought bottle of water is fine, and can be refilled at kitchen cold tap).
• Waterproof jacket. (Personally I do not bother with waterproof over trousers.)
• Whistle.
• Small lightweight torch.
• A fleece jacket and/or jumper for the evenings or in case of a cold wind on the walks.
• Sun hat - a baseball cap is OK (one with a brim all the way round is good for avoiding sunburn even if it does make you look stupid).

We will provide maps, compass, first aid kit, insect repellant and sunscreen.


• Lightweight cotton clothes.
• Plenty of underclothes (but there is a washing machine at the base).
• One tidy/smart casual set of clothes for any visits.
• A pair of ordinary shoes (and if you wish a pair of slippers, Crocs or flip-flops for wearing in the base).

We will provide washing powder for clothes.


Our base will provide all bed linen and towels.

Other things

• Washing kit.
• Camera.
• Spare spectacles if you wear them.
• Sun glasses (although personally due to my specs I rely on my hat brim).
• Any medications that you take.
• Your McArdle's emergency letter if you have one.
• Money, credit cards. mobile phone if you one.
• If from overseas, passport and tickets.


Any questions - please just ask.